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Easy to make DIY Troll House

Troll <3

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Trolls. They are everywhere!!! It made this 80’s kid a little excited when the troll dolls came back. Then there was the movie that started the troll sensation. They are everywhere you look now! In stores, on TV shows and costumes. My little one even dressed up as Poppy for Halloween.

My girls have several troll dolls and they wanted troll houses to go with them. I looked at them online, but I decided that I could make them much cheaper. The girls and I brainstormed and this is what we came up with!


First, we gathered our main supplies. Empty drink bottles, pipe cleaners and felt. We have a craft cabinet (a post on that another day) that I like to keep stocked for a rainy day. Felt sheets are one of our most used supplies.


Felt Sheets

Empty Soda Bottles

Pipe Cleaners

Glue Gun & Glue



Let’s Get to Makin’!

Start by cutting your rinsed out soda bottle in half. Wipe it dry and discard lid. Trim the bottom of the bottle so that it will sit flat on the table.


Cut out a door in the front of your house.


Hot glue three pipe cleaners to the inside of the bottle. Make sure to glue to bottle neck as pictured.


Cut your sheet of felt into strips length wise. (They will not fit around the house if you cut width wise.) No need for exact measurements for the width of the strips.


Start gluing the felt strips to the bottle. I wrapped the felt around the door opening for a smooth edge. Apply strips until you have one full strip above the door.


Line the inside of the house with felt. Trim to fit.


Cut out your leaves for the roof. I just free-handed this in a leaf shape. I did not count the exact number of leaves, but it was about a sheets worth. Start attaching your leaves at the bottom to overlap the felt used for siding. Go row by row attaching leaves higher until you reach the top.


Cut a small piece of felt to wrap around the point where the leaves meet the pipe cleaners.


Now for the accessories! To make the vines, I just cute long skinny pieces of felt, twirled and attached. For the mushrooms, I cut a rectangle piece of felt and rolled it up for the stem. I cut out two circles for the top, put scrap felt in between, and glued them together. I used white acrylic paint and a toothpick to make little dots on the top of the mushroom.


I made two different types of flowers. Roses that were skinny pieces of felt rolled up and heart flowers. For the heart flowers, cut out four heart shapes the same size and attach with pointed ends touching as pictured.


The windows were super easy also. Just cut out a square in one color, and cut out strips in another color for the grids. There is no rhyme or reason to where I attached or the amount of accessories. I went with whatever I thought looked cute! For the finishing touch, twirl or shape pipe cleaners as desired.


All finished! My girls love playing with their new troll houses and are ready to make more. Be sure to follow my blog and Facebook page for more crafts!


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